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There are currently hundreds of books and websites devoted to dinosaurs. Below are some of the book, online and DVD resources that helped me learn about dinosaurs and develop the Treeosaur theory.


Dinosaurs: The Most Complete, Up-to-Date Encyclopedia for Dinosaur Lovers of All Ages
By Thomas R. Holtz, Luis V. Rey (Illustrator)
(Matthew C. Lamanna, Karen Chin, Thom Holmes, Raymond R. Rogers, Jason Poole, Ben Creisler, Ron Tykoski, Fernando E. Novas, Angela C. Milner, Philip J. Currie, Emily Rayfield, Thomas D. Carr, Gregory M. Erickson, Yoshitsugu Kobayashi, Luis Chiappe, Kevin Padian, Paul Upchurch, Jeffrey A. Wilson, Patricia Vickers-Rich, Thomas H. Rich, Michael K. Brett-Surman, Ralph E. Chapman, Mark A. Norell, Scott Sampson, John R. Horner, Kristina Curry Rogers, Matthew T. Carrano, John R. Hutchinson, Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan, Peter Dodson, Elizabeth Rega, Robert T. Bakker, Rodolfo Coria, Darren Naish, Mary Higby Schweitzer)

Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs
By Gregory S. Paul
(Michael Benton, Daniel J. Chure, Guy Leahy, Per Christiansen, Rebecca R. Hanna, George Olshevsky, Thomas R. Holtz Jr., Andrzej Elzanowski, Philip J. Currie, Kevin Padian, Luis M. Chiappe, David Norman, James O. Farlow, David A. Thomas, Gregory M. Erickson, William L. Abler, David J. Varricchio, Kristina Curry Rogers, Reese Barrick, Thomas Hewitt Rich, Patricia Vicker-Rich, Anusuya Chimsamy, Andrew Constantine, Timothy Flannery, Robert Bakker, Walter Alvarez, Frank Asaro, Vincent E. Courtillot, Dale Russell)

The Complete T. Rex: How Stunning New Discoveries Are Changing Our Understanding of the World's Most Famous Dinosaur
By John R. Horner, Don Lessem

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs: The Ultimate Reference to 600 Dinosaurs from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Eras with More than 900 Illustrations
By Dougal Dixon

The Sauropods: Evolution and Paleobiology
By Kristina A. Curry Rogers, Jeffrey A. Wilson
(Paul M. Barrett, Matthew T. Carrano, Luis M. Chiappe, Rodolfo A. Coria, Lowell Dingus, Gregory M. Erickson, Frankie Jackson, J. Michael Parrish, Paul C. Sereno, Kent A. Stevens, Paul Upchurch, Mathew J. Wedel, Joanna L. Wright)

The Horned Dinosaurs: A Natural History
By Peter Dodson

Horns and Beaks: Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs
By Kenneth Carpenter

Kings of Creation: How a New Breed of Scientists is Revolutionizing Our Understanding of Dinosaurs
By Don Lessem

ONLINE (Kent Stevens) LINK (Scott Hartman) LINK LINK (Fred Bervoets) LINK LINK


100 Years of Tyrannosaurus rex, A Symposium - Speaker Presentations
By Black Hills Museum of Natural History
(Neal L. Larson, Brent H. Breithaupt, Philip J. Currie, Thomas E. Williamson, John Myers, Kraig Derstler, Michael D. Henderson, Peter L. Larson, Robert T. Bakker, Ralph E. Molnar, Hans Larsson, Thomas D. Carr, Jorn H. Hurum, Kevin Donnelly, Bruce M. Rothschild, Kirk Johnson, Kent A. Stevens, Thomas R. Holtz Jr., Philip Manning, Ken Carpenter, Christine Lipkin, Martin Lockley, Gregory Paul, John Happ)

Jurassic Park (1993)
Steven Spielberg, Michael Crichton, David Koepp, Kathleen Kennedy, Gerald R. Molen

Walking With Dinosaurs


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